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Not too long years ago, when I was young, before the iPhone and mobile phone, the only phone we have is an analog phone.  Did you see the  old black or white phone with a round disk in front, and you need to dial it to call someone.  Yes, that is the DIAL phone.  And before the chat room or Facebook or Instagram to meet a new friend we had a Phone Pal. 

To meet someone, you need to dial a random number and if someone with the beautiful voice, you can ask them “can we be your my phone pal?”  This is the odds, You don’t know who’s the one you are talking, You don’t know if they are young, old, girl or boy with beautiful faces or not too pretty face.  Sometimes you will confuse if this is a girl or a boy.  The primary objective is to have a phone friend and to have that, you should have a sweet, beautiful voice.

One of my friends taught me a trick to gain more phone Pal.  You should talk to the phone that you are like talking to a person in front of you, not only to a talking device.  You should treat a phone as a human even though you are talking and see only to the equipment.   If you keep doing that, your voice will become modulated, beautiful, and sweet to hear on the other side of the phone.  And they will think you have a pretty face (even in reality you are not  🙂 ) because of your pleasant voice.

The same with the managing people.  Your subordinates are not a piece of equipment that you can do whatever you want.   If you are angry not getting your goal, you will shout to them.  They have feelings too.  Each person has a different personality.  So you need to manage them also differently. 

You should be flexible to use a different type of management, depends on the person.   You need to treat them as a human not only a piece of appliances or tools without feeling.  You need to love, guide and lead them individually. 

God loves and knows us individually.  You should do the same.   He said “And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows. Luke 12:7”  and   “See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before me  – Isaiah 49:16.”

God never forget us.  Actually, He always thinks us.   Manage your people as a human not only as a piece of equipment.



My name is Fernando R. Pacia,  a Mechanical Engineer by profession with Master's Degree  in Business Administration.  I took several jobs through the years.

I started as a Helper Mechanic in a auto shop after graduating in College.  Also worked as an Aircon Technican and an Adjuster in an Insurance Company.  I was also sent to Japan for training program to be able to start up a manufacturing company in the Philippines.  And after almost  a decade in the manufacturing industry, destiny and opportunity paved the way for me to work in aviation companies in different countries.  

Working  my way up to the corporate ladder,  I found my experiences in leading diverse and dynamic teams the core of my calling to create and inspire leaders.

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