Kindly Talk to Me About My Performance

“Good or Bad, Only God Knows.” You will hear this from my father all the time when he tries to make us appreciate the turn of events in our lives.

“Good or Bad, You Should Know.” This is mine when I try to make things happen and make people improve their performance all of the time.

With the presence of social media nowadays, communication has evolved a great deal. The process of receiving unfavorable feedback, which we know as constructive criticism is now more popularly known as BASHING.

We eat bashings for breakfast, we also enjoy it for lunch, and we cannot get enough of it until dinner. We enjoy it more when those negative feedback are directed towards others like celebrities, internet personalities, or popular people not within our reach. Oh how we love writing on the comment section and sharing and baring our thoughts!

However, we usually despise bashings and cringe when it is aimed at anyone close to us. We definitely get hurt when it is directly given to us. Or we can get more and more defensive when we receive it several times. It takes a while for a normal individual to accept the reason behind a negative feedback received.

While we know we want to know how we are doing, we do not create time to prepare ourselves in openly  receiving feedback. And we even find it harder to ready ourselves in giving one.

On the other hand, the alternative terms for praises, positive feedback, or good deeds are more powerful today more than ever - Like and Share.  Even if we find talking about positive behavior awkward oftentimes, the value of clicking an icon of an approving thumb and reposting information make it more meaningful every once in awhile.

Naturally, we rarely say to our restaurant crew, “Good job, for sweeping the floor right after our rush!” It is because we see it as their job and it is expected of them to do it with accuracy and precision.

We also don’t see the positive effect of telling our parents, “Dad, thanks for picking me up from school every day.” “Mom, I love what is on my lunch box today.” Or “Dad, thanks for calling to know how I am doing here in the office.” I guess, we only feel happy telling them all these on special occasions like birthdays, mother’s day, or father’s day. But what do we say in between those days?

Managers, supervisors, and team leaders have the responsibility to give and receive feedback. And in doing so, may you be reminded to T.H.I.N.K. before you SPEAK.

T – is it TRUE?
H –
is it HELPFUL?
I –
N –
K -
is it KIND?

“If you listen to constructive criticism, you will be at home with the wise.” – Proverbs 15:31

Sheila Marie


My name is Sheila Marie P. Pacia, a graduate of Behavioral Science. I have been continuously developing human resources for more than two decades.

My early involvement in Training & Organizational Development has exposed me to the endless needs of organizations to sustain success through Leadership.

It was also through my extensive years of service in Operation that I have learned that any organization must invest on Succession Planning to ensure existence and relevance in this fast-changing world.

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Algelou Kris says April 5, 2018

Thank you for sharing this Idea.. I truly Appreciate it.
Hoping that I can earn enough money to buy some of your books. God be with you. 🙂

    Admin says April 14, 2018

    We are truly grateful that you appreciate our lessons and teachings. Thank you very much Algelou.
    Happily leading with you,
    Fernando R. Pacia

    Sheila Marie Pacia says April 17, 2018

    Hello there Algelou, young leaders like you are the source of our inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and have a good read. We hope that you enjoy reading each, as much as, we enjoy sharing it. To inspire you more, we will try to keep our site updated with more leadership stories in the coming days. And please feel free to let us know how else can we help you achieve your leadership goals. All the best to you, Algelou!

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