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Can We Really Work From Home?

Do you miss clocking out at exactly 5:01 PM?

How about working overtime to solve a problem or finish a project?

Do you miss the morning rush and the slow-moving traffic in the evening?

How about waking up so early and going home very late five or six times a week?

Do you still look forward to Fridays?

In a flash, all these daily routines changed! And yes, none of us were prepared!  The year 2020 just started when this pandemic sent us all awry.

Suddenly, essential workers were identified and recognized! They are the ones tasked to significantly help the country survive – health and safety providers, food suppliers, local government workers, courier services, etc.

With establishments closing, operations put on a halt, and employment suspended or cut into half, we felt that our jobs may be important but not that essential in this critical time. Truly, this pandemic must be trying to tell us something.

Business owners were forced to place both their workaholics and lethargic employees on the same level playing field – uncertain employment under community quarantine! Because Covid19 discriminates no one, Leaders and managers had to send home their best staff and hard workers with asthma or hypertension. They are considered high-risk employees with such comorbidity. Manufacturing companies had to accommodate and maximize the abilities of their most available workers regardless of their level of work performance.

Lo and behold, many of these work arrangements worked well! Workaholics are now doing some household chores and lethargic workers are now delivering results. Isn’t it amazing how this crisis turned around things?

Moreover, the long-awaited 4-day work-week is now happening and it is working. Virtual work arrangements which started a few years ago are also now full swing. And all these happened fast. We were not given enough time to prepare but we were challenged to optimize whatever resources we are provided today. We just didn’t notice but this crisis happened exactly when we have more chances of surviving and thriving. I cannot imagine how we can manage to survive this lockdown if it happens in the 80's! The possibility of staying at home while continuously working to earn a living truly sets this crisis apart from all the calamities we experienced in this lifetime.

I have asked friends and family who are now working from home if they can really deliver good results. And they all share the same feedback and goal. WFH is so possible that they wish for this arrangement to go on.  Here are their common statements.  

  1. No more commuting! I have more time now preparing healthy breakfasts for myself and my family in the morning. I also enjoy lunch and dinner now more than ever!
  2. More complete sleep of 6 to 8 hour made me less grumpy and more productive. No need to leave home at 5:00AM to avoid traffic, and 4:00 AM when I am 'coding.'
  3. I get more creative when there are less people to talk to. 
  4. I find the virtual meetings more productive and engaging within 1 to 2 hours max. 
  5. I saved more from not having to spend much on unnecessary stuff on the way home.
  6. At first, it was chaotic at home. Now, I learned a lot about my kids and my husband. I am just very happy with how our relationships got better and grew a lot stronger as we all work on our things apart in order to work together.
  7. The company gave up some spaces to save on rents. They instead purchased a more secured system with better internet connections for all members of the team.
  8. Less anxiety and stress made me deliver more results. I have children and elderly parents to protect.  I cannot afford right now to let myself be exposed and get them infected.
  9. I am amazed at how I am growing more with new skills. My previously wasted hours are turned into learning hours from various online courses.
  10. I must admit I now have more time to pray and talk to Jesus these days. Not because I am scared or anxious but because I am no longer rushing to get to work and no longer too tired at night when I get home.

Working-From-Home arrangement may not be applicable yet for all. But for those who are given the privilege, it is high time to deliver results and show the world that it is sustainable.

This new and better normal also serves as a great reminder for us all, leaders and workers - We Work to Live and not otherwise! 

Sheila Marie P. Pacia

Manager.  Coach.  Mentor.

Daughter.  Sister.  Friend.

For her,  there is no limit to what people can create. They just need leaders who can inspire and encourage them everyday! 

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