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Be a Lifelong Learner

My life took a lot of wrong turns and I was lost for about three years. I went out of employment and have been doing various part-time jobs to survive.

I loved my job in the travel industry for almost twenty years. I loved going to places and making people enjoy the world. And with one big decision I was out of my comfort zone! Of course I learned big time from that one big decision.  But the lessons I have learned from working with some of the most inspiring leaders in the industry were way more valuable and these are the things that will stay with me for eternity.

As a neophyte leader, I learned early on that I cannot know it all nor I can do it all.  I needed to trust people as much as I was trusted by my superiors when I was starting.

When the travel business is slowly picking up and expanding, I was given the task to start operations in key provinces. I was not sure what they saw in me. All I have is the dedication to get things done whenever I am given a chance to accomplish something.

After the inauguration of some of the offices, I asked our Operations Director, why me. And she said that it was during her month-long evaluation of potential leaders that she saw in me a lifelong learner. She said that I was a driven person who knows what I want but can genuinely welcome ideas from other people and take logical immediate actions.  For them, I take time to talk with people but I don’t waste time talking about them.  She said that the job, back then, required the top management to trust someone who cannot only embrace a bigger responsibility and take accountability, but someone who can be open to learn from others from all levels and pass on the learning herself.

From then on, no matter how my personal life dwindled a little, my openness to learning has been endless.  Many times my trust was tested but it always wins in honing leaders to be more responsible and accountable.  In this life, we should never stop learning. Believe that for as long as we are alive, there is something great that God wants to teach us about.  

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. 

Proverbs 32:8

Nazarene Pacia

A former Airline Ticketing Officer and a Cruise Ship Front Desk Officer.  Now working for a Contact Center. 

She is a self-driven leader who loves traveling and making people happy.  A firm believer of God's ultimate lesson - LOVE.

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