• Competency Profiling
  • Situational Leadership
  • Service Engagement

Team Building

  • Work Values Enhancement
  • Group Dymanics
  • Team Development


The Neophyte Leader
7 Bible Guiding Principles in Leading and Managing People
aims to enhance your skills and inspire your spirit to LEAD. Read this book from cover to cover and LEARN about:

  • Merging old-school leadership styles with new-age leadership concepts
  • New leaders working with more experienced leaders
  • Enhancing leadership competence in building new teams
  • Leading by example
  • Sustaining and enhancing communication from leadership position
  • Managing time and finding work-life balance as a leader
  • Coaching and mentoring reluctant leaders
  • Embracing diversity of leaders

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Success in Succession 

is your guide in building a legacy. This book is written out of passion for creating better leaders in an organization, at home and in the community. Practically, it aims to:

  • Cultivate the passion for sharing talents and developing people to succeed
  • Capitalize on the uniqueness of individuals to inspire and lead others
  • Inspire leaders to relentlessly build greater leaders
  • Make people see the value of establishing a legacy, as a leader, this early.

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