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Fernando Pacia

President / Founder

He is a naturalized US citizen, born and raised in the Philippines. A Mechanical Engineer by profession with a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Working his way up the corporate ladder,  Fernando found his calling to create and inspire leaders while leading people of diverse culture, values, and personalities. 

Sheila Marie Pacia

Director for Operation / Founder

A graduate of Behavioral Science who has been into Training & Organizational Development all her professional life. Her extensive exposure in service operation and business management inspire her more to coach and mentor leaders.

Who we really are?

We are a team of managers, mentors, coaches, and trainers with diverse educational backgrounds. We all share the same passion for continuous learning and inspiring people.

We are interested in helping leaders of today rediscover themselves and be more inspired to become better in every way.

We also share the same faith to the ultimate leader, Jesus Christ. We are driven by His words and His leadership works.

Our goal is to share the key that opened many opportunities for us to lead successfully at home, inside our offices, and in our communities.

What's our cause?

This website came about when cousins from the opposite sides of the world decided to share their experiences and inspire more people in the workplace.

Life has given them different working environment with varied sets of competence. Yet, they share common struggles and challenges at work, at home, and even in their respective communities.

They have worked hard to climb up the corporate ladder and worked harder to work well with others to build teams.

And in all those stages towards success, they have always been guided by the teachings from The Holy Bible and inspired daily by the leadership works of Jesus Christ.

Through this website they can reach more working people and help them enhance their potentials to lead.